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HIV Wellness

Optimal Lifestyle and Holistic Practices

You're living with HIV. Do you sometimes feel scared or uncertain about your future? It can be hard to know where to turn for help. Health coaching fo HIV is here for you.

Sessions integrating your western medical treatment with proven and sustainable health practices.

Taking medication is vital, but HAART alone is inadequate for feeling great now. Prioritize your health strategically with proven lifestyle habits.

Aging, medical information, your habits - they can be a handful to deal with. Learn about your labs and your risk factors. Create a personalized plan.

You are getting older, you are already overwhelmed by what you have to deal with. Health coaching that keeps HIV wellness in mind can help you to feel great, minimize side effects, and improve your longevity.

Mindfulness and Immune Function

Did you know that there are proven holistic strategies for improving your immune function? Not a replacement for HAART, these strategies are meant to be used in combination with your western medical treatments. Learn how to optimize your well being and establish lasting, effective habits.

Social proof: testimonials

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Darren Main

“When I first tested positive, I was so fearful. My life had changed in an instant. Jill helped me to understand the treatments that were available and encouraged me to to eat well, practice mindfulness and exercise. Her holistic approach to HIV is why I'm alive and well over 20 years later.”

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