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Jill Baker

Family Nurse Practitioner

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Transfom your physical and
emotional health for good


Have hormonal changes left you feeling deflated and worried about what's going on inside? Your metabolism may have ground to a halt.  And those old lifestyle hacks that kept your brain and body in shape for decades just don't do the trick anymore. It's time for real change.


Get personalized support. Build your vitality, confidence, and physical wellbeing. Feel deeply empowered to make these years your strongest, healthiest, and most vibrant by turning the tide now.


Get actionable science based tools

Are you ready to tackle your personal health in a new way? Leave one size fits all health and wellness behind. With an integrative, evidence based approach, let’s focus on a sustainable track to your optimal wellness.

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Jill Baker nurse practitioner wellness coach, yoga, meditation, integrative health

Jill Baker, Family Nurse Practitioner & Wellness Coach

As a primary care provider for over two decades, I believe in empowering all individuals to health and wellbeing. I use an integrative approach to to lifestyle, mindfulness, and western medicine to help clients reach their personal health goals. I have subspecialties in  women’s health, restorative medicine, and gender care.


At The University of California, San Francisco, I earned a Masters of Science in Nursing and certification as a Nurse Practitioner; I earned a post graduate degree in nursing at Columbia University in New York City; and have an undergraduate degree from The University of California, Davis.

The middle part of a woman's life can be the best part of her life

TYou can feel calmer, clearer, stronger and more vital

Adopt exercise strategies to support metabolic and cardiovascular health unique to us

Build personalized nutrition strategies to support  your unique  healthspan needs

Utilize precision medicine tools focused on hormonal health, ,the microbiome , and our everyday toxin exposures

Optimize the mind-body connection through proven strategies

Focus on the microbiome to minimize inflammation, support your mood, and feel better

Take your sexual health seriously and get the real skinny on what's happening down there


Eat Beautiful Food

Cultivate the power of  your gut-brain connection, boost your energy,  and get to your optimal weight using sustainable, evidence based strategies personalized to you.

Leah Kennedy, client
Leah Kennedy

“Jill is hands down the best general health care provider I've ever had. She values and prioritizes being fully present in the room with her clients. She trusts their intuition while bringing science and medicine's current best practices to the conversation. And she was always honest with me.”

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