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Optimize your Circadian Rhythm for Mind Body Health

Whether you are sending children off to school and reorienting to finally focusing on your life or dealing with a health setback, get your bearings first. A strong mind body foundation is critical to sustaining new habits. Try these tools for optimizing your Circadian Rhythm:

  • Consistent sleep hours 8-9/night. Same bedtime.

  • View light outside within 30 minutes of waking. Must be outside, no glasses on (contacts ok). On a sunny day, 10-15 minutes works. Double that if overcast.

  • View light outside, again, near the end of the day. Again, the light needs to be low, so it depends on the season and where you are. 10-15 minutes.

  • Exercise is very helpful earlier in the day. This helps with body rhythm. Late in the day, exercise should be light so as not to disrupt sleep.

  • Limit caffeine to the first eight hours of wakefulness.

  • After dinner walk. An evening walk can help manage blood sugar and adenosine, an important neurotransmitter in sleep regulation, facilitating a better night's sleep.

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