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Gender Wellness

There's a lot more to Gender Health than meds and surgery.

Personalized Gender Wellness coaching $200 an hour.
Sliding scale available.

Lotus Pose

Did you know that gender affirming coaching can be used to help people live their best lives?

Develop actionable and wise strategies for your personal wellness by combining western medical thought with holistic practices.

Gender is an amalgam of how we experience our own bodies, our internal sense of self, and how we present ourselves to the world. Get clear on what the process can be.

Want to learn how to be healthy in a way that's mindful of who you are? Western medical practice has come a long way, but there's more to building a successful gender affirming experience.

Ready to feel grounded? Use mindfulness, lifestyle medicine, and other holistic practices to support your most actualized self.


It can be hard to find health coaching specifically tailored to transgender, gender-expansive, and nonbinary people.

Gender Wellness coaching can help you find the path to wellness that is right for you. Explore all of the options for feeling better in your skin and find ways to integrate western medicine with holistic wellness.

Jill Baker, Family Nurse Practitioner and Wellness Coach

Jill Baker is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has been treating LGBTQ patients in the San Francisco Bay Area for over two decades. She is committed to growing the well-being of gender non-binary + transgender patients with holistic health strategies that honor her clients' individuality and lead to healthier outcomes. Jill trained at Columbia University in New York City and at The University of California, San Francisco. Having worked in a busy internal medicine clinic for 21 years, she now focuses on her favorite part of medicine: coaching people to be their best selves in their own environments.


Social proof: testimonials

Derek Blechinger, MD

"After years of working side by side in one of San Francisco's busiest HIV clinics, I came to not only trust the high quality, evidence based, and intuitive care provided by Jill Baker, but also joyfully practice medicine alongside each other! When I was on vacation or out sick, she would see some of my sickest, complex patients and I could rest comfortably knowing she would take good care of people. She is compassionate, insightful, and a wonderful, experienced clinician."

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